Malta School of Flying is certified as pilot training organization by the Civil Aviation Directorate of Transport Malta and recognized by the Malta National Commission for Further and Higher Education, as an accredited flying school. Malta School of Flying has undergone various rigorous evaluations to ensure that all required standards are adhered to.  
Over the past 12 years, Malta School of Flying, along with Professional Aviation Academy Malta, have always been committed to deliver quality training to its students in order for them to become professional, employable and skillful pilots. The main aim of our training is to give our students the opportunity to develop into competent pilots, able to meet and exceed the requirements and demands of the aviation companies they are working for. In trusting us with your flight training, you are opting for an organization where quality and high standards are paramount while costs are contained so as to provide you with the best value for money.

Multi Engine Piston Land Rating

Commercial Pilot Licence

Flight Instructors Certification

Instrument Rating